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Courses Executive Public Affairs and Institutional Communication

Scientific Director: Stefania Romenti

Master's & Executive Education

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Scientific Director: Stefania Romenti

Public Affairs and Institutional Communication

For any organization, the interactive relationship with influential subjects and pre-emptive listening is of fundamental importance, and the professions of Public Affairs are therefore directed to establish lasting relationships on behalf of organizations with public institutions, in order to guide their decision-making processes. The course is organized in collaboration with CORE. Participants of the course will be reserved (optional) participation in a soft skills assessment and skills development program to bridge the areas of weakness that have emerged, also with the support of a certified coach.

Course information

Scientific directors: Stefania Romenti 

Teaching coordinators: Giuseppe Meduri (Director of external relations, communication and sustainability - Alia Servizi Ambientali) and Pierangelo Fabiano (CORE)


The course is aimed at new graduates with minimal professional experience (at least one internship) and professionals in the communication sector, and not only, who want to develop new skills and implement public affairs and institutional communication management techniques.

Further information

Course start: for information on the dates of the course please write to [email protected] 

Educational aims

The course aims to train managers and professionals on the subject of Public Affairs and Institutional Communication. Participants will then be provided with useful tools to better understand the institutions and interpret the dynamics behind the decision-making processes. After deepening the legal framework governing the sector and after an overview of the European situation in this area, candidates will be introduced to lobbying activities and to the use of professional tools to develop specific skills in Public Affairs and Institutional Communication


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Costs and enrolments

The shareholding is equal to 1,900 euro +VAT.
A maximum of 20 participants are admitted to the course.
To subscribe, please send an email to [email protected]