Faculty of Interpreting and translation

Degree course in Modern Languages for Digital Humanities*

Course contact person: Silvia Zangrandi

The Bachelor's Degree course in Modern Languages for the Digital Humanities trains interdisciplinary profiles that enable graduates to operate and succeed in a plural, inclusive and rapidly changing market. Graduates will possess skills that combine high-level linguistic knowledge with a solid cultural knowledge of the humanities. This more 'traditional' type of training will be complemented by in-depth knowledge of digital tools, how communication works through social channels and all that new technologies make available, making them increasingly crucial in this sector as well.

In particular, graduates in Modern Languages for Digital Humanities will be able to occupy various roles, including the most innovative ones, in which humanistic and digital skills are required, both in companies oriented towards international markets and in publishing companies, as well as in cultural organisations of various kinds. They will be able to structure a communication project by analysing the target audience and identifying the channels through which it can be conveyed (Digital Marketing Specialist); they will be able to deal directly with the creation and implementation of digital products (Digital Producer) or to draft and coordinate the contents of a digital communication plan, also in foreign languages (Digital Content Specialist). They can also specialise in the management and coordination of the social channels of an agency, a company or a cultural body (Social Media Specialist) and in the analytical evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the communication actions implemented (Digital Performer Specialist). They will also be able to deal with influencer marketing, defining communication projects, partnerships and collaborations with the aim of enhancing a brand, a product or an initiative (Digital PR).