IULM FLOW Masterclasses aim at providing a great insight perspective on IULM courses, key themes and peculiarities. You will have the chance to be part of IULM Community directly from your home, fully experiencing IULM values and culture. At the end of each masterclass, you can also get a better understanding of the admission process and have all your questions on how to become a IULM student answered.

Each masterclass will be structured as follows:

45 minutes - conducted by a IULM Professor - focusing on a specific topic;
15 minutes - conducted by IULM International Admissions Officers - dedicated to provide you with full details concerning our admission procedures, tuition fees, as well as financial aid opportunities.

The next Masterclasses will focus on key topics of our Master’s Degrees in Strategic Communication and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

  • December 9th – 4 pm CET
    "Issues and Challenges for Strategic Communicators: Key findings from the ECM 2020" - Prof. Stefania Romenti - Prof. Ralph Tench (Leeds Beckett University)

  • December 17th – 3 pm CET
    "The Strategic Value of Technology in the Hospitality Industry: The case of COVID-19 pandemic"
    - Prof. Francesca D'Angella

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Previous Masterclasses introduced prospective students to the Bachelor Programme in Corporate Communication and Public Relations, as scheduled below:  

  • October 27th 2020, What does it mean to be a corporate communication practitioner? - Prof. Silvia Ravazzani

    This online lecture is an introduction to Corporate Communication as a growing research field and organizational practice. It will sketch out the role and use of corporate communication in contemporary organizations and in a changing business and societal environment.

  • November 10th 2020, The value of words in financial markets: Tesla and the Elon Musk case - Prof. Federica Ricceri

    This class introduces students to the functioning of capital markets and provides evidence of how financial communication affects the value of listed companies.

  • November 20th 2020, From video games to game videos - Prof. Matteo Bittanti

    Every day thousands of people broadcast their gaming activities live to audiences over the internet using popular sites such as Twitch, which reaches more than one hundred million viewers a month. This talk explores the phenomenon of video game performance and spectatorship in their various manifestations and presents a historically-grounded case for a reconsideration of our approach to video game play.


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