Milan at the Crossroads

The lecture-conversation aims to describe the key interpretative elements of Milan (Mediolanum, “in the middle of the plain”) inside the Italian contemporary history, placing it in an international context, as a specific branch of historical knowledge. The main idea is to discover the role of the city as a creative hub of constant change and innovation, through past relationships between individuals, political actors, movements, social groups, institutions to better understand their historical evolution and the way they work in the present time.

The lecture will be illustrated with diagrams, audiovisuals and images and will provide in-depth knowledge
about relevant themes on the recent experiences of Milan in the international landscapes.

The lesson will be combined with a dialogue with with experts, scholars and protagonists of the history of Milan in the international scenario: Massimo De Giuseppe will talk of the reconstruction of Milan in the international scene after the second world war; Filippo Del Corno, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan will speak of the city as an international cultural hub through initiatives related to the recovery of the historical traces of Leonardo da Vinci; Piero Bassetti, first president of the Lombardy region, expert of the concept of “Glocal”, president of the organization Globus and Locus and founder of Italica Net and the international journal “Glocalism. Journal of Cultura, Politics and Innovations”, will present the projecton of the history Milan in the future; Carolina Orsini, director coordinator of the civic collections of the municipality of Milan will talk of Milan as a World City, combining it with a virtual visit thorugh Mudec, Milan Museum of Cultures, which was opened in the new millenium to preserve the memory of the economic and social processes that have shaped the city’s identity, in the buildings of the old Ansaldo industrial plant at Porta Genova.

The disused factories,authentic monuments of industrial archaeology, have been converted into studios, workshops and new creative and innovative spaces.

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