HTM is committed to your goal–a future career in tourism. That’s why our partner companies are involved in every step of the Master program.

HTM supports you in designing your career with two alternative paths.

1-Year Master’s of Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree


If you choose the 1-year Master’s of Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree, you will accelerate your career with a 6-month internship tailored to your profile and selected according to 3 criteria:

  • Matching the experience to the skills and aptitudes of the candidate
  • Value of the internship as a learning experience
  • Possibilities of being hired after the internship

Job prospects: Managerial and/or entrepreneurial roles in hospitality, cruise companies, air companies, trade fair agencies, congress and event organizations, tour operators, travel agency networks, public and private organizations for territorial promotion, tourism consultancy

Operating in close connection with hospitality industry and tourism, your internship adds value to your CV, published in a CV book sent to a HTM entire business network.

Some career facts:

  • Over 500 companies are partner in stage & placement
  • 50% of HTM graduates are hired by their internship company
  • 87% of HTM graduates have managerial, consultancy or entrepreneurial roles in tourism
  • Companies who have recruited from HTM become loyal recruiters

Alumni connection
Alumni are the true legacy of HTM - a worldwide network of highly skilled professionals with successful careers in a wide range of tourism domains. Many of our alumni have become influencers in their own spheres and now observe the upcoming graduates of HTM as potential future colleagues.

Over 300 alumni in 38 countries.
Companies who have recruited from HTM become loyal recruiters.

Some HTM career facts:

  • Hundreds of companies involved in field projects and learning process
  • Bilingual/trilingual graduates in managerial roles within the Hospitality and Tourism industry
  • 1year average duration of the temporary employment experience
  • Over 80% of graduates extend their stay in the US
  • 80% of alumni work outside of their country of origin

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